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Asana – Project Management

I have been looking for the right project management tool for my needs, as I am sure some of my customers have been.
I felt that our readers could benefit from our experience and insight having used Asana over the past few weeks.

We all have ideas, many of us make plans, but far fewer are those great planners who can see an idea all the way through its long road to fruition.

Project management is therefore essential to contemporary business, and selecting the right method for your business is as important as getting your logo and branding right, if not more so.

Whether you’re taking your first steps in a career, or you’re in the humble beginnings of a small business, learning from experience is essential, and learning from the experience of others is vital.

Apart from being a great “To-Do List” manager, you can also track larger projects quite simply and effectively.

I downloaded the ASANA app into my mobile phone, and can now quickly update tasks and projects on the go.
When I am in the office I use the full website experience on my PC, with all my data in one place.

Asana is FREE on the Basic plan, which is what I tested. Full fuctionality.

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