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Paletton – Colour Scheme Designer

Generate your individual colour schemes from scratch, all 100% Free!

I have been using Paletton (Colour Scheme Designer) since 2004.
This colour scheme designer is easy to use and gives you the Colour Codes for all the colours it produces.
It is a powerful tool to create colour combinations and palettes of colours that work together well.

Smart people know it’s a waste of time to reinvent the wheel.

Paletton is a free online resource for generating Colour Schemes.
It is a useful tool when needing to find matching or contrasting colours with your base colour.

You don’t need to download anything!
Just go to and use the 100% free tool.

How to use Paletton

Step 1:

Select A Base Colour Value

At the bottom left of the screen click on the Base Value field and enter in your RGB colour code (eg 5A2971 as in the sample image).

Paletton - Enter Base Value

Click on image to enlarge.

Step 2: Select a colour scheme generation method

You can click on each of the 4 generation modes to create different styles of colour pallets (see sample image).

Select Generation Method

1 Colour (Monochromatic)

Click on the Monochromatic Icon
(see image below)


Click on image to enlarge.

3 Colours (Adjacent)

Click on the Adjacent Icon
(see image below)

aletton - 3 Colours - Adjacent

Click on image to enlarge.

3 Colours (Triad)

Click on the Triad Icon
(see image below)

Paletton - 3 Colours - Triad

Click on image to enlarge.

Paletton – 4 Colours – Tetrad

Click on the Tetrad Icon
(see image below)

Paletton - 4 Colours - Tetrad

Click on image to enlarge.

Step 3: Tweak and adjust to suit your taste

How To Adjust The Overall Colour Scheme

You adjust your colour pallet to make it darker or lighter by clicking on the editing POINTS in the centre of the round pallet (circled in red in the sample image).

Change Colour Scheme

Click on image to enlarge.

Step 4: Get Your Clour Codes

Colour Code Export

You can save you colour scheme for future reference by clicking on the TABLES / EXPORT at the bottom right of the screen.

Paletton - Colour Export

Click on image to enlarge.