Project Description

Bakers Shoes & More

Baker’s  Shoes & More is an independent footwear store owned and managed by Fiona Baker since 1992.
With the help of friendly, knowledgeable staff, it has become a destination shop for discerning “Shoe-ee’s” from far and wide.
Fiona’s range is uniquely different from the chain shops. Excellent quality, at competitive prices.

Bakers Shoes - Team Photo

My Work History with Bakers Shoes & More:

I have kept website updated over the last 10 years.
I am the creative talent used for seasonal/monthly slideshow adverts and MailChimp email campaigns.
I also provide computer support services and website maintenance management.

Install a new VEND Point of Sale system that is linked to a WordPress WooCommerce Website:

In August 2020, a monthly subscription to VEND Point Of Sale (POS) system was started.

Because the previous book-keeping system was not computerised, In-Store and Online product data (shoes and all accessories) had to be added manually into Vend. Vend would then export product data to the new WooCommerce WordPress website I was making.

There were 500 unique shoe models.
After doing the data entry, there were 2,600 line items in total with all unique colour and size combinations added.

My Game Plan:

  1. Export the product data from the old website (PrestaShop) into a CSV file.
  2. Create a Microsoft Access Database application based on the VEND Import Specifications.
  3. Import the data from the exported CSV file into the database (vend compatible formatting).
  4. Data Entry – and lots of it!
    To make the process simpler for the ladies in the shop, I developed Forms, Rules and Reports.
    The database was used for adding missing data, linking images to specific colour shoes, and adding missing colour/size combinations.
  5. Import all the product data into VEND.
  6. Import the Shoe product images into VEND.
  7. Configure Vend for Bakers Shoes & More requirements
    Configure Barcode Scanner, Ipad, Bluetooth Printer, Label Printer
    Educate and train staff on how to use VEND software and equipment
  8. Enable Vend-WordPress product linking.
  9. Data is exported from Vend to WordPress automatically.
    Now when you add a product to VEND, it appears on the website too.

Project Success:

Wahooo! – Bakers Shoes & More is now getting online sales.
Staff are now trained in VEND POS sales and maintenance, and Woocommerce WordPress product management.