Project Description

Hair Scene – Hair & Beauty

Hair Scene – Hair & Beauty have built a reputation for excellence and satisfaction in delivering quality styles and a remarkable customer experience since 1984.
they will sit down and talk with you about what your individual needs are, and offer advice based on how we can best help you and any hair problems you may be experiencing.
Their salon will help you feel relaxed so you can unwind from your busy day.
Free Wifi is available so you can stay in touch with home, work, or just chill out and catch up on some reading.

Hair Scene Product Categories

My Work History With Hair Scene – Hair & Beauty:

I have updated and managed the website over the last 2 years.
I am the creative talent used for seasonal/monthly slideshow adverts and MailChimp email campaigns.
I also provide design services for in-salon promotional adverts.

Create A New Responsive Website With An Online Shop

Linley from Hairscene already had a website, but it was 8 years old and not responsive on mobile phones and tablets.
I needed to create a new WordPress WooCommerce website.
Product information and images was used from various supplier marketing resources.

My Game Plan:

  1. Design a new menu structure, and quantify the pages, blogs, products required to be on the new website.
  2. Backup the old website images and text for future reference.
  3. Set up an account with a new website hosting provider
  4. Install WordPress, WooCommerce and a Theme.
  5. Create the necessary pages, content and images. (Some photography required)
  6. Add all products and images for the Online Shop
  7. Setup Payment Gateways
  8. Generate interest with Hair Scene customers with a MailChimp email campaign to “Look At Our New Website”
  9. Post New Blog Articles
  10. Start a regular email campaign notifying customers of New Products, Instore Specials, Seasonal Notices and Promotions.

Project Success:

It is SO GOOD to make a positive difference for another customer.
A more modern, responsive, fresher looking website has brought back lost customers, and renewed interest in Hair Scenes social posts and email campaigns.
Product sales are now coming from around New Zealand (not just the Salon).