Project Description

High Rise Scaffolding Ltd

High Rise Scaffolding is a specialist in single and multi-storey Scaffolding, & Temporary Fencing Solutions.
They provide Worksafe compliant solutions to the greater Auckland region (and beyond).
As every Job Is site-specific, they step you through the delivery, installation, dismantling and collection processes, and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

High Rise Scaffolding - House

Create A New Website:

Hayden from High Rise Scaffolding wanted a website. He emailed me some pictures that he took on his mobile phone and sent some text content about his business.

My Game Plan:

  1. Research the scaffolding industry and other scaffolding websites from around New Zealand.
  2. Ask the customer some more questions from my investigations and if required clarify what angle the client wants to take in the industry.
  3. Create a Facebook account and page for High Rise Scaffolding.
  4. Customer will update the social posts themselves.

Project Success:

Oh Yeah!
Customer is very happy – with the price, quality and completion timeframe.